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Hi everyone, I’m Gayatri from Elle’s thoughts

and I’m very excited to be taking
over sudarshanpaliwal’s blog today. As we finally decide to do a guest blog in
2021, I wonder in 2020 most of the people have spent time with family and at
home. We even got the time to know and be aware of our self. When I look back
on the year, there was something’s I would like to keep going forward with them.
All this time I got to know the power of self-awareness.

1) Strengths and weaknesses

You know your ability in which you are good at, so it plays the role of strengths
and develops them further strong. Accept your weakness and learn to overcome
To make your goals into reality apply all your strengths and overcomes your
weakness will make it into reality.

2) Know your emotions and how you react to them.

Being known about your feeling is important as it gives an idea to you how to
react to that situation. You under why you feel in this certain way, accept it, learn
from it and react to feelings. Many questions arise sometimes why it is feeling this
way and why I’m reacting this way. You learn from experience and moved ahead
with acknowledgment. You decide at last whether to hold it or overcome it.

3) I know what motivates me.

Sometimes we search for motivation from outside. We are known to the fact that
at last, we are the ones who can motivate and start. Sometimes we need a little
talk for motivating us. It’s up to me to, decide to start, and it’s up to me to keep
myself motivated.

4) You know what your values are.

You are known to the fact that what things you can tolerate and what are the
things out of your tolerance. Set a limit for yourself and you don’t have to adjust
for the less.

5) Your intuition

Trust your intuitions it will tell you what your heart wants. If you are self-aware
then your gut feeling must be strong as well. When the decision-making process is
going on trust your intuitions, you know what is best for you. That intuition tells
you what’s best for you like people, decisions, and best options to select.

6) You notice the change in your thoughts.

Suddenly the unpleasant feeling or thoughts comes across your mind for yourself
or any other person. You acknowledge that and try to changes that thought. You
know how to uplift your thought positively. You may not be positive always but
you surely know how to be in a positive mindset again.

7) You know what you need to change in yourself.

You have to observe who you are because then you won’t make stupidity of
If something seems to not going in the way you wanted then it’s up to you how to
change it. Whether it’s a direction, career choose or people in your life. You also
notice that you have been procrastinating on some task for the last few days but
you know how to overcome throw it.

What do you guys think of self-awareness is it your greatest value?

I hope you guys like this guest blog post .let us know in the comments. And follow
for our blogs to know more.

Stay fit stay healthy

Written by Gayatri, Elle’s thought


The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


  1. Firstly, Congratulations on the collaboration. Well I wanted to share something in this post.. “self awareness always helps you to create a new thoughts on the basis of your interest, hobbies etc.. it is said that when you do something you really want to do. Then it’s really only because of your First step Self awareness”.

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  2. Rightly said about self-awareness. I of the opinion and thinking that regular practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation, prayer, the practice of silence and fast is of great help to increase “Self awareness”. Have a nice day.

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