Hello you Awesome people, Welcome to http://sudarshanpaliwal.com Today we are going to discuss on the topic “Which is more important life or time” ?

Obviously your answer will be life. If the life is important for you than why you cross the Railway tracks ?, when you know that train can come here at anytime. Whenever I go at station I saw the people crossimg the tracks instead of going through the bridge. If I ask them why you cross the tracks ? The answer I get is that crossing the tracks save the time. I want to ask one question I agree that crossing the tracks saves the time but crossing the tracks can save the life ?

By giving some examples I can say that for some people time is important not the life.

1) At Railway gates:

If the life is important for you than why you cross the Railway gates when it is closed. Whenever, I go somewhere and I see the Railway gate is closed the people still passes from there. People can’t wait even for 10 mins.

Please watch full video to know

Source: YouTube

2) On the roads:

When you go on road you can see how people do rush driving don’t know why ? but when we ask them, Why do you do rush driving ? They say to save the time they do the rush driving. Stupid answer Ya, I agree that time is important but life is more important than time. When you alive than only time play a role, if there is no life, than What is time ?

They are saving time

3) In the Trains:

Whenever you travel by trains you see the people who gives more importance to time not the life, when the train arrives on the platform you may notice the people jumping out from the train and they fall on the platform.

Source: YouTube ( screen recording )

So, from the above examples you get clear that how people play with life by saying that time is important

Both time and life is important without life time is of no use and without time life is of no use

Both of them are important life and time we should save life and time too.

Finally guys we end our duscussion Thanks for reading



The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


  1. Our life is a time-period. Therefore, I can’t understand why you have asked β€œWhich is more important life or time?”

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  2. Very good points! Your translation service makes some issues. Then not than. Than is comparison smaller than, harder than, Then is Then why do you do this then? Few grammatical issues from translation to English. Though excellent points!

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