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As we all know how new generation becoming by watching movies ? and all. Most of the movies are not good for the children. They watch the movies and they to adopt their Styles, stunts and try to become like the actors. If the movies are made for children then it may be good but most of the movies are not like that family can watch with the children. You all know how they present the songs infront of us ?

Viewing movies with violence, drug, abuse , adult themes, and offensive language can have a negative effect on children and adolescents. Many movies are not appropriate for children.

The youth tries to imitate each and everything which is in the films and this reflects in their dressing style, their driving, their way of talking etc. The people start imagining themselves in the story lines of those films. Girls and boys, especially in the age of 15-21, are the easiest preys.

Many young children try to perform the stunts shown in the movies, which is very dangerous for them.

So, We should be aware of these important things so that we can make this youth aware of this things.

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  1. Thank you for the post Sudarshan, you have highlighted very important issue. Youth must be aware and responsible about themselves and their families. Today’s movies and songs violate their mind and behaviour.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! I would like also to raise my concern that 13+ and 16+ is still not appropriate for very young audience. Not only that there’s a lot of violence, but there’s also sexual activities and nudity as well. If ever I have kids, I still would not allow it even though they reached that age. I have to review it first because they are normalizing everything is the film. Some are also depressing that any child couldn’t handle the trauma after viewing the film. So thank you for spreading awareness here. 💖

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  3. So much ‘adult’ content in TV, movies and music these days. This is a good reminder to protect and supervise the children and to choose more wisely for ourselves. Why clutter our mind with horrible images?

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  4. I am very impressed with the way you are directing your post. Every word is right but we are now a global village and have access to books and films (DVDs) everyone can obtain easily on Amazon.

    In my Literary Series, I will cover the timeless, and influential in their message children’s books and films made based on them. If you wanted to buy one now to understand what I mean, I recommend The Secret Garden. There were so many remakes of this book, the latest is being made now, that again the best in my opinion and the most faithful to the book is the version made by a renowned film director Agnieszka Holland.

    The book and the film tell how Nature can heal and change dramatically our lives for the better.
    Thank you.


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  5. Parents should oversee what their children watch and TALK to them about what they are seeing when they are very young. By the time they are teenagers, the die is cast. The movie industry has placed age limits on who SHOULD watch the movies, it is not their job to supervise other people’s children. I do agree there is too much blood and guts, but I choose not to watch that kind of movie.

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  6. Yes, those who make media should consider how they portray the concepts in their content. Yes, media shapes culture. While we should be mindful of the media we consume but it is also a part of how we participate in a culture.

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