Hello everyone, I hope you are well and doing great. Welcome to my new post HOW STUDENTS WILL GIVE EXAMS THIS YEAR ?

As we all know this Academic year 2020-21 is fully distributed, Students are finding many problems to continue with their studies. Because Schools, Colleges, Coachings are closed from almost 10 months and when they will open with full capacity no one knows but what the students will do ? Many students are complaining that they can’t understand anything from Online Classes. Many students don’t have source of Online Classes. Many students are doing self study which is very nice.

Some of the students will give competitive exams, Board exams, College exams and many more. This year is really very tough year for the students but I hope students will win. I am also a student so I can understand. Many students don’t know so much because of lack of guidance. Some of them are comfortable with Online Classes so they will find less problem. Some of them can only study in the presence of the teacher.

So, please I request students focus more on self study because we don’t have any other option right now.

We will work hard and everything will be fine you are only not facing problems, every single student facing problem. So nothing to worry.

All the best


The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


  1. As a student, I feel that what is worst is that we still don’t know what is going to happen. Meanwhile although we are in the same boat in a way, it still affects all of us in very different ways, depending on who we are and our circumstances. I’m know most of us will push through it, but there will be a few who will sadly struggle more.

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  2. This epidemic has inevitably affected everyone’s life particularly students as u said. People who have required sources are struggling too, while the lower-middle-class people are struggling due to the lack of resources, and also because the schools they are going are not providing online classes. Besides, these online classes are hardly satisfying, so you are right on point that for now, self-study is the only way to success.

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  3. Where I live, college students actually passed more classes on average than before covid. People theorized this was because there’s less to do, so students studied more than usual. They did also find that students were more stressed and less motivated than before covid though.

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  4. Absolutely true Sudarshan. The problems you mentioned are 100% genuine. And what I feel is that govt. school students are the one who are most affected because some of them don’t even have proper sources to study, even if they want to.
    This is the most crucial time for students. No one knows when will things get back to normal and we can’t stop studying too.
    I’m also an engineering student of third year. And in my branch, third year is said to be the most crucial year among the all 4 years. So there’s no way to stop studying. Although, my faculties are taking proper classes but there are some things, let’s say lab experiments which can’t be done only be watching them. You need proper hands-on-practice. I’m also preparing for GATE examination which is next year in the month of February. IDK whether I’ll be able to crack it or not, let’s just leave it right now, but not getting proper guidance for GATE in this time doesn’t mean I’ve to stop studying.
    Anyways, this was a great post to start a day with!


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    1. I love that you are sharing your struggles here, so now I know I am not the only one. I am a freshman in college and the only wish I have now is go back to normal because I feel like my eyes are going blind AFTER staring at the monitor for hours and hours, and I can’t stop study otherwise, I won’t be catch up my work.

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      1. All of us are facing the same problem. And we need to adjust ourselves in this situation. Although things are getting back to track in India but there are countries where schools and colleges aren’t reopened. They need to carry on with the same online classes for some time.
        That’s another problem faced by us! I too had very minor number before in my eyes but now I think I need to go and get my eyes checked again, as I think my eyesight number has increased.

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