HI! Guys, I hope you are well and doing great. Welcome to my new post WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH TODAY’S GENERATION ?

What’s wrong with Today’s Generation ?

1) We spend more time ‘adding friends’ than making ever-lasting friendships.

2) We write long birthday posts on Facebook, instead of calling up our friends or talking to them.

3) We spend more time in clicking selfies instead of actually looking at the world around us.

4) When we are at home we spend our time on our Laptop or on Television instead of spending time with our family

5) We ride bike or drive car before age

What we are doing ? I can’t understand. I know we are in the modern time but everything should be in limit.

Forty-seven. That’s how many times the average consumer is likely to check his or her smartphone today. The exception is those between the ages of 18 and 24. They check their phones even more — 86 times a day, according to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: U.S. edition, released in December.

Some of them are becoming advance in right direction and some of them becoming advance in wrong direction.

In Today’s world or Today’s generation everyone wants to be successful but no one wants hardwork, My teacher says Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die.



The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


  1. I think it’s partly because social media quite addictive. Usually, an activity becomes more addictive if you occasionally at random times add a reward to it. Social media has that with notifications, every so often when you check you get rewarded with a notification.

    I think that the companies designing social media might also try to make their designs as addictive as possible (whatever that entails) just to keep us hooked and let ad dollars roll in for them.

    If you want to know more I’d suggest you watch The Social Dilemma, it’s pretty much about this stuff.

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      1. I realised my social media use was a problem not that long after I watched it. I always thought, I barely use it anyway, but when I actually looked at my browsing history I noticed I use it more than I thought. Since I’ve stopped using it after a certain time in the evening.

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