Hi! Guys What’s up, I hope you are great and doing well. I am SUDARSHAN PALIWAL and welcome to my blog RADIO: THE GOLDEN ERA.

I hope readers who is reading this post are familiar with the Radio. RADIO nowadays are not as popular as before. During 90’s Radio was so much popular. But as the technology developed Radio became unpopular but now at some places RADIO are popular but at some places may be not. As the growth in the Tv sector, internet and many other thing Radio is losing it’s identity.

In earlier time the people listen RADIO with great joy and happiness but THIS IS TIME NO ONE WILL CARES IF WE DON’T DEVELOP WITH TIME.


The main reason is that network strength radio can work to particular place not everywhere. So, who loves to listen RADIO they are also not listening radio

The another reason is that development in the technology. Development in the communication devices. The all the things which we listen in the RADIO are available on the internet in a very better way therefore radio is becoming unpopular.


The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.

10 thoughts on “RADIO: THE GOLDEN ERA

  1. I turn on the radio when I do my work.. Ok, not the RADIO because I don’t have one of those. I have Serious radio on my iPhone. We listen to music in a different way. I pick a station of the kind of music I like. Sometimes I pick a talk show instead and then listen to that. But I do remember having a small radio back with I was young. Not the same now. Great post!!

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  2. I used to be in radio, on the air. I started back in 1977 when the AM Power Gold era was winding down. I had a blast and loved every minute of it. It was never work, or a job to me, it was always fun, especially making your station #1, your time slot #1, and being the markets #1 personality. I got out of it in the 1980’s. Now I find I miss it, and would jump at the opportunity to do it again, although I fear the technology has probably passed me by.

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    1. Yes at that time everyone loves to enjoy but due to technology every old things we are missing.
      But I love to listen radio everyday because we can’t ignore the old things infront of new thing. One day we will also become old if we will also ignored by new people ( new generation) than how will we feel ?

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