Hello guys! I hope you are good and doing great. So, this is SUDARSHAN PALIWAL and welcome to my blog WHY SHOULD WE TRAVEL ?

In this world we get two types of people who loves travelling very much and another is who don’t love to travel they just want to sit at at home. Today we will discuss on this topic only that WHY SHOULD WE TRAVEL ?

I say travelling has only merits not demerits I think.

When you travel from one place to another place, first of all we enjoy the journey whether it is by Flights, trains or by any private vehicle. While travelling in some place we discover nature’s beauty and many other things.

If we travel, we discover many new things if we travel to a particular location we discover a great knowledge about that a particular location, therefore we should travel. Travelling provides us happiness, knowledge and many more things therefore we should travel.

While travelling from one place to another place we find new culture and strangers to whom we met and discover many new things from them. Our mind get fresh while travelling.

I love travelling by train and in majority cases I travel in train only. While travelling in train has it’s different happiness. Therefore you should atleast once a year you will get memories of your travelling that we went to particular city or area and we enjoyed and many more

I hope guys you have enjoyed the blog

Thank you very very much guys for giving your precious time here πŸ™

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20 thoughts on “WHY SHOULD WE TRAVEL ?

  1. Man…what to say…its been some time since I have travelled somewhere 🀣I had this plan which got cancelled.Well I knew it would never work bcoz of covid but anyways..it’s the best thing to do if we are a bit depressed or need positive energy.

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  2. This year we went on vacation via train. We spent two nights in a sleeper car. I youtubed it to show people what it’s like on the train. I blogged the whole vacation including a visit by a ghost in Austin Texas on my http://www.aBagPacked.com It’s a fun read if you like to travel. This is a really good blog and you are totally right.. Traveling can be really enjoyable, even during Covid!! Nice blog!

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  3. There are unfortunately some reasons not to travel. If you take the plane you cause a lot of greenhouse gasses and contribute a lot to climate change. Travelling by trains does mitigate this a lot but in Europe (and I think in the US too) trains are usually quite a bit more expensive internationally than taking a flight. Cost can be a reason not to too, unfortunately.

    I personally like to travel too, but I usually can’t sleep the first day when I’m at a new place, so my second day is usually miserable.

    Maybe next time you can add a picture with your post? There are some sites which have free pictures you can use for whatever.

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