Hi! Guys What’s up I hope you are well and doing great. This is SUDARSHAN PALIWAL and welcome to my blog DUAL SCREEN SMARTPHONE.

L.G a SOUTH KOREAN Company will launch DUAL OR ROTATING SCREEN SMARTPHONE LG WING. Last month this Mobile phone was globally revealed and going to release in India on 28th OCTOBER 2020.

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Dual screen mobile phone will be thick and weight is approx 260 gram

You can also use this phone as we use our regular phone.

The one screen can rotate in 90 degree.

Display: LG WING main screen is of 6.8 inch. This is full HD PHONE.

This phone offers you 8 GB RAM 128 GB storage option

Here you will get POP-UP Camera.

In rear wide camera you will get 64 megapixel primary camera, 12-13 megapixel ultra wide camera

Note: Price officialy not launched yet

Image may subject to copyright


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