I can’t solve it, I can’t do it, I can’t remember the formulas, these kind of words we here or use when we think or talk about maths. So, Hi guys, I am SUDARSHAN PALIWAL and WELCOME to my blog. Today we are going to discuss about, Is Maths subject really tough ? So, the one word answer is NO,  because maths is a very interesting subject but then also most of the students runs from it, so today we are going to discuss what are the major factors through which Maths subject becomes tough for us. Let’s see -Maths subject is really easy but we feels tough  because the fundamental of Maths we don’t clear if I say about 12th standard the major part of Maths in class 12th is of CALCULUS, most of the student runs away from it, because the fundamental of calculus is not cleared the calculus starts from 11th standard so you have to study or clear the basics from 11th standard onwards. If you clear your fundamentals then it will really becomes easy for you. Another reason that you feels Maths subject is tough is that thinking of the society, the society fits in the mind of the student before only that Maths is tough. But if you clear your fundamentals and study hard nothing will be tough, everything will be easy for you.  And just keep it in mind “PRACTICE MAKES  A MAN AND OBVIOUSLY WOMAN ALSO PERFECT”,  Maths really needs practice and practice. These things when you keep it in mind you will not face any problem in Maths subject and Maths will become easy for you.

So, finally guys we end our discussion here, I hope I solved your query and I removed the fear of maths from you. 😊



The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


  1. I used to be pretty into math, but I haven’t really done any in 4 years or so. Also kind of hated it when I stopped doing any so I don’t think I’m going to do more of it than is necessary.

    I also don’t think math is that unique in terms of needing practice. However, a lot of the natural sciences and mathematics do have this thing where very different areas of a respective field can be needed to solve particular problems.

    Not even sure this problem interconnectedness is unique to STEM though since I never studied enough social science or philosophy to know if the same applies to them.

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  2. True, no subject is hard, but at this point I feel maths just will never be for me, I still feel I use the part of my brain that doesnt have to deal with numbers more, but I do know that if I had been taught differently I would probably feel different about maths and have a more positive approach towards it

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    1. First of all Thank you very much for commenting, Our INTEREST towards the work or subject makes the work or subject easy or tough. Please stay tuned 🙏

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    2. It totally depends on person to person. And yep…teaching matters too, For me SST is just “Out of my mind”. Like after 10 years who is going to ask me “When was this civilization made?”😂

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  3. What you say, brother is correct. Maths is a very simple subject it is very easy to understand and here we only have formulas to remember not the whole story like many other subjects. I really love doing maths and calculus is my favourite topic.

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    1. First of all Thank you very much for commenting
      You are 100% true Teachers also play an important role. Please stay tuned 🙏

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  4. Yes, at one point, I disliked maths, and tried to compensate loss of marks in maths by scoring high in Hindi and English. But I realised my folly later on, and finally maths was the highest scorer for me. Thanks for such an inspiring write-up.

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