City life and Village life can’t be compared, So finally guys we are going to discuss about city life and village life. City and village has both their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s start, Cities are very polluted on the other hand villages are very clean or non polluted. Cities have each and every thing very impure like milk, water and so on while in villages we can get pure milk, water because in villages majority are farmers and they have dairy farms for milk and pure water directly from wells and so on. Cities have many facilities like nice shops, bus stops, railway – metro stations, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, industries and so on. While villages don’t have these kind of facilities. Cities and villages are both opposites of there own. Cities are much populated while villages have less population. If you want natural life then move to villages, and if you want artificial life then move to cities. The people of cities hate cities and love villages, while people of villages hate villages and love cities, because city people want natural life and village people want artificial life. My opinion is that both of them are good at their own places. So, these things depends upon people who loves cities or villages. Both are good and both of them have there both advantages and disadvantages. People of cities and villages have very different thinking and feelings. But cities cannot run without villages and villages cannot run without cities both are interconnected. 

So let’s end our discussion here on city vs village. I hope you enjoyed this blog. 😀

Thank you very much for giving your precious time. 😊

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The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story.


      1. Ok thanks I will do. Thanks for your tip, I definitely follow your tip 😊


  1. Moral of the story was really great – Cities cannot run without villages and villages cannot run without cities both are interconnected.
    Same way our life is also interconnected with OUR views and actions.
    Do what YOU LIKE not what others like you to do?
    Keep Blogging!
    Have a great day ahead!

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